Screen Hustler

We're in Converge 2023: Highlighted on Insider UK

We’re proud to announce that Screen Hustler has made it to the semi-finals of Converge 2023, the annual competition for innovators and entrepreneurs in Scotland’s universities. Screen Hustler has also been highlighted on Insider UK, a leading media outlet covering business, finance, and technology news.

The success of Screen Hustler would not have been possible without the guidance and support of the brilliant minds at the University of the West of Scotland Innovation Hub team.

Create Change Challenge

Screen is competing in the Create Change Challenge category, which is for innovators looking to use their creativity as a tool for change. We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing services to selected clients in the UK screen industry. Its primary target market is university students, recent graduates, freelancers, and entry-level professionals who are struggling to market themselves effectively.

Converge Challenge Screen Hustler

“Our customer-centric approach enables us to work with our clients at every step to establish a personal brand that truly reflects their values and empowers them to stand out from the competition,” says Fairouz Dridi, the founder of Screen Hustler. “We are thrilled to be competing in the Create Change Challenge category and to have the opportunity to showcase our innovative solution to a wider audience.”

Bridging the Gap in Personal Branding for Emerging Creatives

The problem that Screen Hustler aims to solve is that many young creatives struggle to market themselves effectively, which leads to their talents being overlooked. Personal branding is essential for success in the screen industry, yet many creatives are hesitant to promote themselves. Screen Hustler aims to bridge this gap by supporting its clients to gain more visibility and recognition for their work to achieve their professional goals.

Next Steps

Next up, we’re preparing for the pitch, and we’re pumped to showcase what we’ve got! and we will continue to empower the next generation of screen professionals by helping them build a strong personal brand, establish a professional online presence, and realise their career potential, resulting in the development of their unique voice and message. This can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem, especially to individuals who may be struggling with the pressures of the industry, enabling them to pursue their creative passions with greater conviction.